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Anxiety and Weed

Does weed cause anxiety or does it cure anxiety? Some claim it makes them paranoid while others swear it’s a miracle drug. The connection between anxiety and weed has been

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How to Make Your High Last

How to Make Your High Last Smoking marijuana is kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You don’t want to feel too stoned, and you don’t

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Microdosing The most popular reason to start microdosing is because it offers all the health benefits of consuming regular doses of cannabis — except the extreme high. Just because you

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How to Make Edibles

How to Make Edibles Making edibles at home is super easy and way less expensive than buying them at a dispensary. All you need is a little cannabis, a lot

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How Much Should I Take?

– What are the effects of consuming marijuana? The effects of consuming marijuana vary from person to person, and they are dependent on the type and amount consumed, as well as

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