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In 2016, California voters approved Proposition 64 which allows the sale of recreational marijuana to any adult age 21 and over. The law is referred to as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. If you are of age, you no longer require a doctor’s recommendation to purchase marijuana products. If you are under the age of 21, you can still purchase marijuana products but you will need a doctor’s recommendation to do so. To obtain your doctor’s recommendation, please go to and USE PROMO CODE ILOVEFLYBUDS to save $24. Once you obtain your digital recommendation, forward it to us and we can have an order placed for you in no time! If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to call or text us for help! 949-269-7707

California is popular amongst tourists for its many attractions. Most recently, Marijuana has been added to the list of those attractions. With the passing of Proposition 64, anyone over the age of 21 is now permitted to purchase recreational marijuana/marijuana products.

As a visitor, you may find yourself wanting to come home with a few souvenirs. Are you allowed to bring marijuana/marijuana products back home with you? Short answer: NO. There are a few variables that you have to consider:

  • Is your home State/Country marijuana friendly?
  • What does the TSA have to say about transporting marijuana on a plane?
  • What does the Federal Government have to say about transporting marijuana across state lines?

FlyBuds should not be considered a source for legal advice. We are not attorneys. We would suggest that you research this matter independently or even contact legal counsel.

Long story short: there are many factors to consider and instead of taking a risk, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to transport any marijuana/marijuana related products out of California.

The effects of consuming marijuana vary from person to person, and they are dependent on the type and amount consumed, as well as the method in which it is consumed.

Those who enjoy using marijuana typically find it to be relaxing or mildly euphoric. Some find it makes them more social or outgoing. Those who dislike it often report it makes them feel uncomfortable, tired, or withdrawn.

New users often experience different effects than more experienced users. Some novice consumers feel no effect at all the first time they try it. Others — usually those who use a little too much their first time — temporarily experience some unpleasant feelings, such as an increased heart rate or a sense of paranoia.

Not all marijuana products are the same!There are many different kinds (or “strains”) of marijuana. There are also different types of marijuana products. They are typically broken down into three categories, each of which can have very different effects on the consumer. These categories are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

The two major types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Each of these strains have a range of effects on the body and / or mind which can result in a wide range of medicinal benefits. Indica strains generally provide a sense of physical relaxation. Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience. Hybrids can be a combination of the two.

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