Once you’ve gotten your high from a vape, roll, or edible from your favorite chronic delivery service, it can be easy to get a little carried away. Indeed, when you’re feeling completely happy, calm, and relaxed, you may end up losing track of things. You might take one puff too many or overindulge in an infused sweet treat.

These situations are also likely to happen if you’re trying out a new strain or product type. Because you have no idea yet how it will affect you, there’s a good chance that you may overshoot the “just right” phase. Before you know it, you’re extremely high and don’t know how to deal.

Getting a huge high can be distressing, especially if it’s the first time you’re experiencing it. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to come down safely. Do note that your mileage may vary, depending on factors like how much you’ve consumed, the type of cannabis product, and physiological variables. That said, all the tips mentioned below are easy to do and can give you quick relief.

Some of the symptoms of being a little too high on cannabis include:

  • anxiety
  • dizziness and/or nausea
  • confusion
  • excessive perspiration
  • panic and/or paranoia

Take It Easy

All of these can make you feel miserable and uncomfortable, which can make it even more difficult for you to come down from your high. To start reducing these unwanted, unpleasant effects as soon as possible, try to stay as calm as you can.

This can be a challenge when you’re already agitated, but it’s important to take things easy for a while and focus on relaxing. Try some breathing exercises or perhaps do some basic yoga. Another helpful relaxation technique is meditation.

Eat and Hydrate

It’s not advisable to start smoking weed on an empty stomach. This is because the cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream faster (your stomach has nothing to do). So, to come down from your high, it may be helpful to eat something if you’re not nauseated. If you have them on hand, choose filling foods like wheat bread, pasta, or oats.

Some studies also say that pine nuts may be able to counter the high brought by THC. This is because of pinene, a terpene that’s also found in weed strains that give off a pine-like aroma. One of the effects of pinene is improved clarity, so it can be a good snack if your extreme high is making you feel confused. Of course, try this only if you don’t have a nut allergy.

Another thing that can help you come down slowly and safely from a huge high is proper hydration with non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages. Take slow sips of cold water or perhaps some fruit juice to soothe your dry mouth, a common side effect of weed, without overwhelming your stomach. With enough fluids in your system, your body can process cannabinoids faster.

Chew Some Black Peppercorns

Some long-time cannabis users swear by black peppercorns as a great counter to a huge weed high. This is likely due to caryophyllene, a natural compound found in peppercorns that has a calming, grounding effect. For faster results, you can chew on a few pieces of black peppercorns. If you’re unable, crush the peppercorns a little bit or roll them around in your hands to warm them up and get a good whiff of the aroma.

Go for a Walk

If you’re feeling up to it, try going for a short walk. The light exercise will circulate your blood better, which can make you feel more energized. The change of scenery can also shift your focus from your current predicament. Remember to take deep breaths as well, to give your brain more oxygen and make it easier for you to calm down.

That said, this method of coming down from a high is only recommended if you have someone to accompany you. If you’re feeling too anxious or paranoid, it may not be a good idea to walk around alone.

Find a Distraction

When you’re high, it’s as much a physical condition as it is a mental one. If your experience is more of the latter, coming down from your high may be easier if you distract yourself from what you’re feeling. You can play a video game, for example, or watch a funny movie. You can also eat (see the second tip) and try to focus on how the food tastes.

You can also try engaging your brain by doing an activity that requires some attention. These include things like coloring, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or even sorting loose change.

Remember that even if you’ve been using weed for a long time, there’s no way to predict how high you’re going to get. There are plenty of factors that can alter your reactions to cannabinoids, including how you’re feeling at the time.

That said, no matter how huge a high you may experience, the most important thing to remember is that it will disappear eventually. It may take longer than usual, but it will.


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