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Delta 8 Premium Roll
Delta 8 Daily Dose 25mg
Chill Delta 8 Tincture (1000MG THC/CBD)
Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen (900MG CBD/THC)
Chill Delta 8 Squares
Delta 8 Bites (150MG CBD/THC)
Cookie CBD/THC Tinctures
Coffee and Tea Pods (25MG CBD)
Luna Pre Roll 5 Pack
Pet Treats (100MG CBD)
Heal Indica
Diamond CBD Tinctures
Heal Indica
Chill Delta 8 Vape Cartridge (900MG THC/CBD)

Do you need a reliable delivery service for your therapeutic CBD and marijuana products? You can count on us here at Flybuds. We give you access to a wide range of products, including THC sublingual sprays, CBD oil, CBD tinctures, edibles like CBD gummies, and even bath products and topical treatments. You can rest assured that the cannabis and CBD products in our menu are of the highest quality, and that you will receive your orders in excellent condition. Our marijuana products are available for delivery to select areas in Southern California, while our entire CBD menu is available to anyone in the US.

Cannabidiol or CBD has been the subject of many a public debate and scientific research over the years. There are plenty of evidence that show the potential of CBD in addressing various symptoms of illnesses like anxiety and depression, seizure disorders, and autoimmune diseases. It has even been shown to be beneficial in terms of relieving the negative effects of cancer treatments.

Studies like these have continuously shown promising results. As such, several US states have already moved to legalize medical marijuana and are working toward decriminalization. Patients today also have more ready access to CBD oil and other CBD products to help manage or even heal their health conditions. At the same time, recreational marijuana users that also want to benefit from the CBD content of cannabis don’t have to rely on illegal dealers to get their supply anymore.

Nowadays, there are also more forms of CBD than ever. There is, of course, CBD oil. Many of those who use “medical marijuana” are actually being prescribed CBD oil due to their potency and precise dosage. There are also CBD tinctures, which can be derived by soaking the cannabis in a solution of water and alcohol. There are also other kinds of CBD edibles beyond the pot brownie, like CBD gummies and honey sticks. These colorful treats offer an even much more discreet way of consuming CBD compared to smoking and vaping, or even the consumption of aforementioned CBD oil and tinctures. The bottomline is that studies continue to show CBD’s healing properties, and there are now more ways to consume CBD products—and even cannabis products with high levels of both CBD and THC.

Browse the Flybuds online store today and order your CBD products, concentrates, and edibles from our store. Flybuds is dedicated to providing top-notch marijuana delivery service in select locations in California, so you can count on receiving only the best products promptly and in good condition. Flybuds can also ship high-quality CBD products to anywhere in the United States.

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