Stay Safe and Avoid These Activities While High

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Getting high on weed can elevate the state of your mind and make mundane tasks a lot more interesting. But beyond inducing altered perceptions, weed also has the power to make you happier, less grumpy, and a lot more zen—all of which are welcome changes to have in your daily life. Because of these positive effects, a lot of cannabis users like getting high during calming or creative activities such as yoga, painting, or listening to music. However, there are times when it’s best to skip the pot altogether for your own safety.

If you’re planning to schedule a cannabis delivery soon, you need to have an idea of which activities are best done high—and which aren’t. With that in mind, let’s discuss the activities that you would be wise NOT to do while stoned.

Performing Unfamiliar and High-Risk Exercises

Smoking weed before working out has its benefits. Cannabis—a natural vasodilator—can enlarge your veins and improve circulation, which eases muscle tension. Increased blood flow to your central nervous system (CNS) can boost the production of endorphins, which are your body’s “happy hormones” and natural painkillers. Moreover, low levels of THC—the principal psychoactive compound in marijuana—are enough to significantly decrease your anxiety levels.

That said, it’s best to avoid the joint before embarking on new and complicated workouts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that marijuana might impair your motor and mental performance, especially if you need to do unpredictable or difficult tasks. Generally, a decrease in awareness can be dangerous for high-risk sports such as skiing and open-water swimming. As such, you may want to stick with an energy drink or some coffee instead to get that kick before a routine or risky sports activity.

Laborious Work-Related Tasks

Getting baked before your shift is not a good idea in general. Weed can make you zone out and blabber incoherently to your coworkers, which may not be a good look for you. After all, nothing raises suspicion more than an employee pausing mid-sentence before going on about random philosophical musings unrelated to the conversation.

Perhaps most importantly, you should avoid getting stoned before work if you do a lot of manual labor. Construction and factory work involves a lot of dangerous tasks and exposure to complex machinery, which may cause workplace hazards if you’re stoned out of your wits. As such, it’s best not to be extra chill and spaced out when you need to operate forklifts or feed materials into a conveyor line.

Driving or Handling a Car

Responsible driving involves plenty of focus, care, and mindfulness about the rules of the road. Just as it’s important not to drink and drive, you should also avoid smoking a blunt before getting behind the wheel. If you’re on a road trip with friends, it’s best to save that pot session for later—ideally once you’ve reached your destination. All in all, it’s not worth getting high if it means putting yourself and others in harm’s way.


Just like driving, cooking also entails a lot of attention and presence of mind. While some recipes can be elevated with a dash of dope, it’s not ideal to get high when cooking food. Being higher than a kite can make you forget the differences between ingredients, which may lead to disastrous consequences ranging from mismatched flavors to severe allergic reactions. Spacing out can also make you forget to accurately measure time, which can either burn your dish or your entire kitchen down. Remember, it’s best not to get baked before you bake.

Shopping or Buying Groceries

Navigating a supermarket or shopping mall can be tedious after smoking some grass. Apart from getting lost, you might feel a bit reckless in your spending and make unwise decisions when putting items in your cart. On top of all that, you could get unwanted attention from security guards and other shoppers if you failed to conceal those red eyes with a good pair of shades. That said, you’ll most likely do yourself (and your wallet) a favor by sitting out a grocery run after having a spliff.

Getting a Tattoo

Although it’s more of a reputational risk than a safety one, it’s still a good idea to avoid getting tattooed while high to mitigate regretful design choices. However, there are some safety risks you should know about as well. Most reputable parlors will urge you to reschedule your session when you’re under the influence, but if you’re not thinking properly, you could end up in a less favorable studio with questionable regulations. Such establishments may expose you to unsanitary practices that open up a slew of health risks.

Still, there are THC products and strains that are safe to use if you want to retain a sense of awareness despite being high. If you want to ease the pain while staying mentally present, you may opt to smoke an Indica-dominant strain before your tattoo appointment.

Drinking at a Party

Drinking while high can make it difficult for you to gauge how your body will react in certain situations. Apart from intensifying the effects of weed, drinking alcohol can cause distress, vomiting, and nausea. That said, it’s best to be on the safe side and avoid mixing various mind-altering substances. Better yet, get high in a safe, controlled area such as your home or a trusted friend’s place.

Be Safe by Waiting It Out

In a nutshell, being high can make it difficult for you to stay aware of your surroundings. If you’ve just smoked a doobie, you may want to wait for the effects to die down for about 3-8 hours if you need to do some of the activities on this list. Overall, smoking or ingesting cannabis can be fun and beneficial in terms of health, creativity, and stress relief. But still, you should be mindful when using these substances to fully maximize their positive effects on your mind and body.


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