Time to Get High: The Best Times of the Day

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There’s no single “right” way to use cannabis. You can smoke or vape, you can cook with cannabutter, you can eat premade edibles, and so on. In addition, thanks to hemp delivery services, it’s easier than ever to buy a variety of cannabis products. That said, even with quick and legal access to weed at practically any hour,  most people will still have unique preferences as to when.

Usually, the answer to this question depends on two things: the effects of cannabis on your body and your purpose for seeking a high. Do you need help focusing at work? Do you need to work up an appetite? Do you want to get 8 hours of restful sleep? Do you want a full-day high? Consuming cannabis at the right time will help you achieve such goals; conversely, using weed at the wrong time might put a wrench in your plans.

To make the most of your stash and minimize unpleasant consequences (like feeling drowsy at work), here are some of the best times to experience the full effects of weed:

In the Morning

If using weed makes you feel energized and more alert, then you’ll probably love taking a good long hit from a joint in the morning. This habit is usually called “wake and bake” and might just give you that spark you need to start your day on a good note.

CBD strains are highly recommended for wake and bake, although you may also benefit from THC. Again, it depends on what you want to achieve. If you need to be able to focus on meetings at work, CBD strains will be more advantageous. Meanwhile, if you need to stimulate your creativity, THC might be the better choice.

Before and After Exercise

Most of the time, exercise and weed aren’t a good mix. However, if you pick the right workout, you’ll find that cannabis may actually produce better results. You definitely don’t want to lift weights after consuming THC-heavy strains, but you might be surprised how much better your yoga session would be. Meanwhile, CBD-rich weed may boost performance during cardio workouts like running or jumping rope. CBD may also help you recover faster afterwards.

Do note that the mode of consumption may affect your workouts. As much as you can, avoid smoking weed before exercise to minimize the impact on your breathing; opt for edibles or concentrates instead.

Before Going Out and About

Are you the type who needs to psych themselves up before a party? Get a good puff or two of weed right before you go out and about to get a mood boost! This way, you can enjoy the company of your friends even more. If you want, and if your friends agree, you can also make smoking a social event so everyone is on the same level.

Before Eating

There are strains of cannabis, specifically those high in THC, that can cause the so-called “munchies.” It’s just a fun term for an increased appetite or feeling hunger pangs. If you’re finding it difficult to eat despite needing to (e.g., you need to recover from an illness), a couple of puffs of weed may help. What’s even better is that cannabis may stimulate your sense of smell. This can make food taste better.

Just remember to temper the dosage. If your high lasts too long, you may end up overeating. This is not ideal if you’re watching your weight or before going to sleep.

After Work

Let’s face it: no matter how much you love your job, there are still days when it’s stressful. From arguments with colleagues or clients (or both) to full-day meetings, one bad day at work can sap all your energy. A good reward? Complete and utter bliss that follows after a joint. Aside from helping you feel re-energized, the natural chemicals in cannabis also help promote relaxation.

Even better is that you can pair cannabis with your preferred after-work activity. Do you love taking a walk in the park to de-stress or perhaps release your tension by dancing? You can enhance the experience by using your favorite weed product.

Before Bed

Last but most definitely not least, one of the best times to smoke weed is before bed. If you want a restful sleep or if you’re having difficulty falling and staying asleep, the THC from cannabis will definitely help. There are also certain strains of weed with sedative effects; choosing these can help improve your sleep quality.

Usually, indica is a better sleep aid than sativa. However, your feelings of sleepiness or relaxation may also be affected by the terpenes present in your chosen strain. Some of the best terpenes for bedtime include myrcene, beta-caryophyllene (BCP), linalool, and terpinolene.

As a final reminder, if you don’t know the right dose for you yet, it’s best to try weed as a sleep aid on a weekend night. This way, you don’t have anything important to do in the morning and you can sleep in. Make sure to gauge your body’s reactions so you can gradually adjust the amount of cannabis you take before bed.

As you can see, you can use weed to great effect no matter the time of day. The key is to find a suitable strain for your intended purpose.


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