Gone are the days when the only way to get your cannabis fix was by smoking it. These days, it’s easy to indulge in a variety of ways. Marijuana tinctures, topicals and edibles have become increasingly popular over the years. And we only have the legalization of marijuana to thank for that. Discover all the new-fangled ways to partake in cannabis and how to take advantage of each of their benefits.

Why Not Just Smoke?

We get it: you’re probably a purist. You’ve been smoking cannabis for as long as you knew what it was. Why not just smoke it?

There are actually myriad reasons that you might want to consume your cannabis through your digestive tract or dermis instead of by way of your lungs. One of the biggest reasons to abstain from smoking is that many users want a healthier way to get their daily dose

Other reasons might include:

  • Using cannabis topically can relax muscles and spot-treat pain points
  • Taking a tincture can actually help deliver the THC to your bloodstream faster
  • Eating cannabis has become just one more way that foodies can geek out on recipes

Marijuana Tinctures

Marijuana tinctures are probably not the most popular way to indulge in a little cannabis. Yet they’re easy to use, effective and don’t contain many additives.

Essentially, marijuana tinctures contain highly concentrated doses of THC and sometimes oil or a little alcohol. To use, simply place a drop or two under your tongue and get ready for that THC to hit fast and hard.

Marijuana Topicals

Topicals have become more popular since marijuana has been legalized in many states. Skincare companies and the beauty industry has jumped on to the cannabis bandwagon, and we can’t say we’re disappointed, either!

These products help fight dry skin, eczema, premature aging and other skin-related issues. Some topicals are simply just hydrating.

Topicals come in many forms. If there’s a marijuana product that gets absorbed through your skin, it belongs in the topical category. This includes oils, massage oils, patches and creams. Patches can simply be placed on the skin over a cluster of veins and worn like a nicotine patch. The other topicals can simply be massaged into the skin.

Marijuana Edibles

One way to take your cannabis that’s not new nor fangled is by eating it. Edibles have been around for as long as marijuana has (ancient societies drank it in tea). Luckily, there are now several new ways to ingest it that don’t require learning to bake.


Teas are one of the most popular forms of edibles. If you’re hoping to relax a little while partaking in cannabis, tea is a great way to do so. You can control the amount of THC you ingest by adjusting the brew time.


Oils are an easy way to add cannabis to food. Simply purchase food-grade THC oil or tinctures. Then add it to beverages, soups, salad dressings or coffee.

Gummies and Candies

Gummies and candies are great because you can make them at home or buy them in a dispensary. Suck on a THC lozenge for a few minutes until your desired high is reached. Or, control your dosage by eating one gummy at a time.

Cannabis Dinners

Cannabis dinners have become all the rage with celebrities. Several chefs now offer catered cannabis meals. You get to decide how much THC you want to be added to your food. Our advice? Buy some cannabis-free snacks to have on-hand for when you get the munchies.


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