California marijuana experiences are more plentiful than ever — now that cannabis is legal here. There are plenty of ways to indulge in your favorite herb in the Golden State. From tours to food to painting classes, you don’t need to let one California minute pass you by without partaking in some cannabis.

CA Marijuana Experience #1: Visit a Dispensary

Your first stop on your California weed tour should be a dispensary. If you’ve never visited one before, don’t worry: there’s nothing to be nervous about. We’re used to out-of-towners and we love first-time dispensary visitors. Just let us know you’re a novice and you need a little extra help. We’ve got you covered.

Feeling shy? We deliver to many neighborhoods in the Anaheim area. After all, the last thing we’d ever want is for you to combine cannabis with cars.

CA Marijuana Experience #2: Get a Massage

Getting a massage after indulging in cannabis or CBD is one of life’s great pleasures. This is especially true for those of us who have a hard time relaxing while we’re nude on a massage table. Add a stranger’s hands to that equation and we’re happy to have a little cannabis to calm us down.

You can partake on your own before your massage, or, you can find a massage therapist that provides the cannabis or even CBD-oil for your massage.

CA Marijuana Experience #3: Take a Tour

Cannabis tours are all the rage now. They’re especially helpful if it’s your first time partaking in cannabis. Your California marijuana sherpa will give you some hot tips on where to find the best green and how to avoid getting too high.

CA Marijuana Experience #4: Get Creative

Now that marijuana is legal in California, there’s plenty of ways to utilize its benefits — including artistically. So take that painting class you’ve been eyeing for forever. You’ll get in touch with your emotions through some edibles and let your creativity start to flow.

CA Marijuana Experience #5: Go Out to Eat

We’re really not surprised that restaurants have gotten excited about cannabis. Not only do some California restaurants allow cannabis on the premises, but many also incorporate it in food.

Eater even offers a list of the most popular restaurant and bar cannabis experiences in California.

CA Marijuana Experience #6: Meditate

Meditating is easier said than done. It’s one of those activities that doesn’t necessarily feel great when you’re doing it, but it helps you later during the day (like exercising, which is also something you can do on cannabis, by the way!). Why not get a little help relaxing? Several meditation studios have been combining cannabis with meditation and yoga classes. Who says stoners aren’t brilliant?


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