Healthy Ways to Consume Marijuana

Marijuana has made its way into the health scene in the past few years — thanks to its legalization in a handful of states. Not only is it legal for recreational use in some states, but it’s also available for medicinal purposes in even more states. But how healthy is cannabis for you? Does it have any health drawbacks? Discover the top seven healthy ways to consume marijuana to ensure you’re treating your body like a temple instead of an ashtray.



One of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis is edibles. One of the downsides to smoking pot is that you inhale carcinogens through the lighter and through the smoke itself. Obviously, there is no smoke involved in edibles.

You can consume edibles in a variety of ways, from baked goods to juices, sodas and candies. They’re pretty readily available at most dispensaries, and you can easily make your own edibles at home, too. CBD and THC sodas have also become increasingly popular.



Tea technically falls under the edibles category with it comes to healthy ways to consume marijuana. Yet, it has more medicinal purposes than most edibles alone.

Tea has been used as a form of medicine for thousands of years. You can also control your dosage easier than smoking a pipe or a bowl. Microdosing is especially easy by drinking cannabis tea. You might need to play around with the dosage for the first few times. After that, you’ll be able to steep your tea for as long as you need to reap the health benefits.

You also might want to try CBD honey sticks to sweeten tea that is marijuana-free.



Topicals are one of our favorite healthy ways to consume marijuana. You don’t get the negative effects of smoking and you won’t experience any of the adverse effects some people experience with edibles.

Topicals come in many forms, including patches, oils and creams. You can use them to target specific areas on pain on your body or apply them to veined areas of your skin for maximum absorption. You can find topicals that contain THC, CBD or a combination of both.



Tinctures are another form of edible cannabis that have also been used for thousands of years. You can find them with or without THC. They are essentially small doses of alcohol that can be placed underneath the tongue for rapid absorption.

Some cannabis users also add tinctures to water, coffee or juice to slow down the absorption process. They are sold in small, portable bottles.



The jury is still out on the health benefits of vaping. Many researchers claim that vaping is healthier than smoking because it entails inhaling vapor instead of smoke. On the other hand, many doctors claim that vaping can still have some negative effect on your lungs. There hasn’t been enough research to confirm nor deny those claims. When it comes down to it, vaping probably isn’t as healthy as the other suggestions on this list — but it’s still definitely healthier than smoking a pipe, bowl or bong.