Does weed cause anxiety or does it cure anxiety? Some claim it makes them paranoid while others swear it’s a miracle drug. The connection between anxiety and weed has been hotly debated by pro-and-anti-weed advocates for years. Let’s look at the possible benefits and downfalls of both.

Can Cannabis Cure Anxiety?

One of the main uses of medical marijuana is treating anxiety. Patients have found cannabis to ease a wide range of anxiety issues, from social anxiety to PTSD.

The good news is that many users have experienced anecdotal benefits of using cannabis to treat anxiety.

The not-so-good news is that there aren’t many studies that prove using cannabis has anxiety-reducing benefits.

The reason? Cannabis was illegal in most states until recently. Now, many researchers are starting to study the effects cannabis has on anxiety. In a few years, we should have more substantial proof.

For now, let’s look at the anecdotal evidence.

Does Weed Cause Anxiety?

There’s a big conundrum when it comes to curing anxiety with cannabis. Many anxiety-ridden people use cannabis to treat their symptoms. Unfortunately, cannabis is also a known cause of anxiety.

Many users complain they feel paranoid or anxious when they partake in certain forms of cannabis. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid that.

We recommend following your doctor’s advice — and a few of the tips below to see what works for you.

 Different Types of Anxiety

Before determining if cannabis is the best way to treat your anxiety, you’ll want to consider what type of anxiety you suffer from.

The most common types of anxiety include general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, panic disorder and PTSD.

Panic disorder is one of the few types of anxiety that cannabis might not help. The reason? Most panic attacks subside after 30 minutes or so, and it might take that long for the cannabis to kick in.

Many people who suffer from panic attacks also experience trouble breathing — not something you want to add vapor or smoke to. If you suffer from panic attacks and want to try cannabis, we’d recommend trying a healthier way to consume it.

Yet, sufferers of general anxiety, PTSD, OCD and social anxiety all claim that cannabis can help ease symptoms.

 Choosing Your Strain

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you might not want to pick any old strain of cannabis to cure your jitters.

You may also need to experiment with different strains of cannabis. Many find indicas increase anxiety while sativas decrease it.

Many sufferers also report that ingesting cannabis can often cause more anxiety than it cures.

Many claim that microdosing can also help ease anxiety better than consuming large amounts of cannabis.

 CBD and Anxiety

If you don’t want to cure your anxiety with THC (the high), you can always try CBD, a cannabis product that contains no psychoactive properties.

It’s legal in most states and researchers believe that it provides many of the same benefits of cannabis — without the worry of added anxiety.

 Teens and Medical Marijuana

We do need to mention that teens shouldn’t dabble with cannabis products — even medically — unless directed to by a doctor. Many researchers have found that cannabis can negatively affect brain development.