In the past decades, weed was constantly cast in a bad light for its supposed negative effects, especially on the youth. While careless marijuana use is a valid cause for concern, it would be unfair to discount weed’s capacity to provide health benefits, induce calm, and boost creative power. It is also for these reasons that many people, including celebrities and prominent figures, vouch for the herb and use cannabis products regularly.

From artists to politicians, there are plenty of prominent weed users in the public eye that participate in the 420 lifestyle for various reasons. And most of the time, these famous faces are able to remain functional while partaking in cannabis—whether it’s to better manage body pains, improve performance, or get a jolt of artistic inspiration. Whatever their reasons for weed use may be, your favorite celebrities might be facing the same struggles that you do, thus leading them to seek the benefits of the herb. As long as you use responsibly and coordinate with reliable sources, there’s no harm in taking a leaf out of your idols’ books and scheduling a herb delivery any time soon.

For this list, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most famous weed users, what you may know them for, and why they decided to become cannabis connoisseurs.

Snoop Dogg

Perhaps the most famous weed user in the music world, Snoop Dogg is a long-time advocate of the green stuff. Much of his songs reference cannabis use, and he has never shied away from expressing his love for the grass. So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Snoop Dogg is almost always associated with ganja.

The hip-hop veteran, who also owns a weed line, has talked extensively about his passion for cannabis in media. Despite this stoner image, however, Snoop still makes it a point to be a good example to his kids. In a 2017 interview with Vibe, Snoop said that although he’s not forbidding his adult children to smoke weed, he aims to exemplify responsible smoking and “do it very respectfully.” So if you plan to enter the weed world, it’s best to do so with a Snoop Dogg mindset.

Lady Gaga

Lovingly called “Mother Monster” by her fans and known for hits like “Poker Face” and “Born This Way”, this eclectic superstar has a weed habit that perfectly suits her avant-garde lifestyle. According to her 2017 documentary, Lady Gaga said she uses cannabis to help relieve chronic pain from a muscular disorder called fibromyalgia.

Despite her previous struggles with over-reliance on weed, the musician and actress noted that the herb has been helpful in managing hip pain brought by fibromyalgia, which causes chronic pain along with mood issues and fatigue. She also said she smokes weed when making music, according to a recent 60 Minutes episode.


Another pop superstar that has vouched for marijuana use is Rihanna, who has never been quiet and lowkey about her cannabis appreciation. The musician and now fashion mogul constantly posts about getting high on social media, and has been seen smoking hemp in public. The Barbados native’s passion for the 420 life and the corresponding weed stories are truly one for the books, and it’s undeniable that she has a talent that’s just as immense as her love for the herb.

Seth Rogen

An actor known for his comedic antics, Seth Rogen is just as attuned to the weed life as the potheads he plays in the movies. As he previously told MTV News, Rogen has been using marijuana to make the writing process more manageable. Just like Lady Gaga, Rogen is well aware of how cannabis catalyzes one’s creative juices. To add to that, Rogen said that work “doesn’t seem like work” and is therefore more productive when he’s high.

Rogen has also recently admitted to being high even during filming, and has even smoked pot with other celebrities like actress and comedian Sarah Silverman.

Whoopi Goldberg

Ever outspoken about alternative lifestyles, Whoopi Goldberg has previously talked about how marijuana changed her life. The actress, television personality, and pop culture icon previously wrote in The Cannabist that she even gave her vape pen a name: Sippy. According to Goldberg, each sip of her vape has brought relief from stress, discomfort, and pain.

In 2016, Goldberg launched her own line of medical marijuana products focused on women. Goldberg has an eye disorder called glaucoma, which stems from damage to the optic nerve and causes vision loss and potential blindness.

Willie Nelson

Last but not least is Willie Nelson, who Snoop Dogg once said was the only person to out-smoke him. The country legend is a staunch activist for marijuana legalization, and has been partaking in cannabis well into his 80s. Nelson, who is still actively making music, told Rolling Stone in 2019 that he “wouldn’t be alive” at his age were it not for weed.

The so-called legendary stoner still advocates for weed’s calming qualities, and has even launched his own line of cannabis products which include tea and coffee infused with hemp oil.

Making Weed the Star of the Show

At the end of the day, you don’t have to be famous or artistically inclined to savor the benefits of weed. From inducing calm to managing chronic pain, there are lots of advantages to using cannabis that can make everyday life more bearable as long as you partake in it responsibly. Although marijuana use is still being hotly debated in some areas, some famous faces have already shown us that living with the green is not such a bad thing after all.


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