Wax by Moon Rockets (1000MG THC)


Highest Potency
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Moon Rockets 1 Gram Wax, a pinnacle of cannabis concentrate perfection that promises an elevated experience for enthusiasts who appreciate the essence of high-quality concentrates. Crafted with precision, this wax encapsulates the true spirit of Moon Rockets, offering a range of concentrate options, high potency, and a delightful flavor profile that invites you to explore the full spectrum of cannabis excellence.

Concentrate Options for Discerning Tastes: Moon Rockets 1 Gram Wax presents a selection of concentrate options, each curated to cater to discerning tastes. Whether you’re drawn to the profound effects of indica, the uplifting nature of sativa, or the balanced embrace of hybrids, Moon Rockets provides a diverse array of concentrate options, allowing you to tailor your experience based on your preferences.

High Potency for a Robust Experience: Indulge in the robust experience that Moon Rockets 1 Gram Wax delivers, boasting a high potency that sets the standard for cannabis concentrates. With a carefully curated extraction process, this wax ensures that each gram is packed with the concentrated power of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing an authentic and potent encounter with every session.

Flavorful Terpene Profile: Moon Rockets Wax goes beyond potency; it introduces a flavorful terpene profile that adds a symphony of tastes to your experience. Each hit or dab becomes a journey through a rich palette of flavors, from earthy undertones to citrusy bursts, enhancing the overall sensory pleasure and providing a nuanced experience for true connoisseurs.

Versatile Consumption Options: Designed for versatility, Moon Rockets 1 Gram Wax allows for various consumption methods. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporization, or incorporating it into your favorite cannabis-infused recipes, this wax caters to a range of preferences, ensuring that you can enjoy its potency and flavors in a way that suits your individual style.

Embark on a refined journey into the world of premium cannabis concentrates with Moon Rockets 1 Gram Wax. Tailor your experience with a variety of concentrate options, savor the high potency, and immerse yourself in the rich terpene profiles that define the essence of Moon Rockets. Elevate your sessions and explore the depth of flavors that only the highest quality concentrates can offer. Welcome to a new era of cannabis sophistication.

Blend Effects

Chill – Indica, Cruise – Hybrid, Hype – Sativa

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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10 reviews for Wax by Moon Rockets (1000MG THC)

  1. Timmy Q.

    The Gushers Crumble is straight fire!

  2. Ron Martese

    Alas some wax that is tasty and hits heavy.

  3. Steve M.

    Whoooo I can’t stop coughing, I love it.

  4. Ryan Bernard

    I love dabbing this concentrate because it helps with my muscular dystrophy.

  5. Eileen U.

    Yooo this Apple Fritter Diamonds is something else!

  6. Jacob K.

    These things slap! no cap!

  7. Yanuri J.

    Highly recommend the Gushers Crumble!

  8. Arnold P.

    Apple Fritter, nough said

  9. Susie I.

    This concentrate makes my high last for hours and I don’t get that groggy comedown.

  10. Marlene D.

    This did the job of putting me to sleep, goodnight insomnia.

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