House Shake (25% THC)


High Potency
(6 customer reviews)

FlyBuds House Shake is a mixture of all the flowers on our menu! Fine cut and perfect for rolling, packing in a filtered bowl or adding to your dry herb vaporizer. Most of the flowers on our menu consist of “High” to “Highest” potency so the THC should range from 24%-30%. This is NOT low potency flower. Enjoy a discounted, good quality flower without having the headache of using your grinder!

Blend Effects

Chill – Indica, Cruise – Hybrid, Hype – Sativa

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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6 reviews for House Shake (25% THC)

  1. jensen

    some of the better shake i’ve had most of the time its dry and old but this shake is fresh and the smell is great

  2. alonzo marquez

    25geeez of bomb shake for 80 plus a couple blunt wraps and a free joint and a free 80m gummy thats a deal!

  3. Judith Peralta

    very good quality. fresh

  4. savannah

    hit amazing in my volcano its a 1 bagger

  5. Shelly Muller

    Can’t say enough good things about this company! They always come through with the best products for fair prices. No crazy taxes and fees!!!! Even the shake is amazing! Its not dry and the odor is complete sensory overload! The only thing I would recommend is to not pack a large bowl piece that has a large entry hole. It will suck through too quickly. Stick with raw cones or a vaporizer if you have one.

  6. roy

    good shit

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