Wakanda Gushers (26% THC)


High Potency
(5 customer reviews)

Introducing Wakanda Gushers, a distinguished cannabis strain that combines moderate potency with profound medicinal benefits and an enticing terpene profile. With a THC potency averaging at a comfortable 26%, Wakanda Gushers offers a balanced experience suitable for a wide range of users seeking both therapeutic relief and recreational enjoyment.

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, Wakanda Gushers delivers a blend of soothing physical relaxation and uplifting mental euphoria, making it an ideal choice for those in search of versatile medicinal effects. Whether you’re looking to ease chronic pain, reduce anxiety, or unwind after a long day, this strain provides a comprehensive solution to various ailments and conditions.

Medicinal users will appreciate Wakanda Gushers’ ability to alleviate a myriad of symptoms, including muscle tension, insomnia, and stress. Its calming properties promote relaxation and tranquility, helping users find relief and peace of mind amidst life’s challenges.

The terpene profile of Wakanda Gushers adds to its allure, boasting a complex blend of flavors and aromas. With heavy earthy aromas and subtle notes of sweet berries and citrus, each inhalation offers a delightful sensory experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of this exceptional strain.

Experience the therapeutic benefits and sensory delights of Wakanda Gushers. Elevate your cannabis journey with a strain that delivers both potency and efficacy, allowing you to embrace wellness and relaxation with every puff.

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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5 reviews for Wakanda Gushers (26% THC)

  1. Tanner N.

    I challenge you to find a better oz for close to 145. amazing deal. good smoke

  2. Marshall Collins

    great price for the quality. I would give it 7/10 potency. it has a unique super earthy smell

  3. demetri

    i always look for the deals! dont get me wrong i love a good pr strain but some of the mid-range strains are great for the price. I would say the wakanda is a little above mid range

  4. Aleshia W.


  5. Carson Deller

    love the price. gets the job done without breaking the bank. thank you for the recommendation!

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