Big Momma’s Gummies (500MG THC)


Higher Potency
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Indulge in the ultimate cannabis experience with Big Momma’s 500mg Gummies – a premium edible crafted for those seeking potency, precision, and flavor in every bite. Each pack contains a total of 500mg of THC, divided into 10 delectable gummies, each boasting 50mg of THC potency. Infused with top-shelf Premium Liquid Diamonds, these gummies ensure a fast-acting onset, typically taking effect within 15-20 minutes, so you can dive into your cannabis journey swiftly and smoothly.

Designed for users with a high tolerance, Big Momma’s 500mg Gummies offer a balanced hybrid experience, combining the best of both worlds: the uplifting euphoria of Sativa and the soothing relaxation of Indica. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, or insomnia, or simply aiming to enhance your mood and creativity, these gummies provide a comprehensive solution to your needs.

But the goodness doesn’t stop there – Big Momma’s 500mg Gummies come in an array of mouthwatering flavor options, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Choose from tantalizing options like Swedish Fish, Bomb Pop, Orange Dream Bar, Blue Raspberry, or Watermelon, and treat your taste buds to a symphony of flavors with each delightful gummy.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Big Momma’s 500mg Gummies – the perfect blend of potency, precision, and flavor, crafted to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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10 reviews for Big Momma’s Gummies (500MG THC)

  1. Ryan Goler

    fastest hitting gummies ever. 10 minutes later, i started feeling it. 30 minutes later, i was baked. bomb pop was tasty

  2. kelcie myers

    yummy and strong!

  3. George M.

    this 50 mg gummy felt like 100 mg. hit me within 20 minutes. i’ll be back for more!

  4. Diandra F.

    love all the flavors but swedish fish is my fave!!!

  5. Aiden

    used to buy the namu but they just werent consistent. I like the price of namu but those are only good for eating a bunch at a time. these big mommas have are way more accurate and way faster. worth every penny

  6. Tannery Julious

    AMAZING! Got serious pain relief within 20 minutes. And they feel a lot stronger than other gummies with the same potency. Guess those liquid diamonds are just stronger. Thanks for recommendation!

  7. nelly


  8. Sally D.

    real potency! so tired of fake thc online. so glad i found flybuds!!! great products all around and the order got to my door in less than 40 minutes. great service!

  9. Gillian Dimante

    5 stars!!! Fastest edible ever!!!

  10. Jerry C.

    Big Mommas deserves all the awards. Truly fantastic product. Not sure how you got these gummies to be this strong, act this fast and still taste this good. Take a bow

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