Trump’s Take on Weed

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Since Donald Trump became president in 2017, many of his stances on various issues have been a little hazy. Unfortunately, the president has waffled back and forth on so many issues (in the same day), it’s tricky knowing what he actually believes. And Trump’s take on weed?

Even more confusing.

It seems that Trump is being a little obscure on his stance — worried to offend Americans on either side of the argument.

Why Trump’s Take on Weed Is Confusing

Overall, Trump seems to be either anti-cannabis or indifferent to it altogether. He doesn’t really take a stance on legalizing or demonizing it.

In the past, he’s said that it’s a state’s right to legalize the drug. Yet, he also has mentioned that states should be prepared to deal with the fact that cannabis is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

Confused? Us too.


Anti-Weed Advocates In Trump’s Crew

Not surprisingly, Trump has a few anti-cannabis advocates in his crew. The republican party, in general, has historically voted against legalizing marijuana. Just some of the people in his corner who have taken negative stances on cannabis in the past include Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.


Jeff Sessions

Former General Attorney Jeff Sessions certainly didn’t welcome marijuana in any shape or form.

Sessions famously stigmatized cannabis by stating, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Many people wondered if the U.S. was softening its stance on the drug after Trump ousted Sessions.

Lindsey Graham

Graham’s stance on cannabis is a little more confusing. He seems to waffle back and forth between pro-and-anti-stances.

He seems to feel warm and cozy about offering medical marijuana; though, he also seems to abhor the idea of recreational marijuana.

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is another republican who has a confusing stance on cannabis.

His stance, historically, has been anti-pot.

Yet recently, McConnell has been trying to push forward the legalization of hemp and CBD. Many believe he’s trying to help boost the economy in Kentucky.


Trump’s Farm Bill

While Trump seems to be anti-cannabis overall, he has made steps to legalize other marijuana-based products that contain low levels of THC.

The 2018 farm bill he signed legalized most hemp and CBD — two products which previously sat in grey areas concerning legality.

The farm bill created a plethora of farming jobs and helped boost the economy.

So, what’s the verdict? It doesn’t seem that Trump has a stance on cannabis at all. He seems cool with products that don’t contain enough THC to get consumers high. He’s all about creating farming jobs. What he’s not about? Giving the thumbs-up or down either way when it comes to use of recreational and medical marijuana.


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