Platinum Reserve: Sour Apple (37% THC)


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Experience the extraordinary potency and vibrant effects of Sour Apple, a top-tier sativa-hybrid cannabis strain renowned for its remarkable 37% THC content. This powerhouse strain is a must-try for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts seeking an intense and uplifting experience.


With an astonishing 37% THC level, Sour Apple stands out as one of the most potent strains available. This high THC content delivers a fast-acting and long-lasting high that is perfect for those looking to elevate their cannabis experience to new heights. It’s not recommended for beginners due to its strong effects, but it’s a delight for those who can handle its powerful punch.

Medicinal Benefits and Effects

Sour Apple’s sativa-hybrid composition makes it an ideal choice for both recreational and medicinal users. The strain offers a balanced high that starts with an energetic and euphoric cerebral buzz, sparking creativity and motivation. As the high progresses, users may experience a gentle relaxation that soothes the body without causing sedation.

Medicinal Benefits:

  • Stress Relief: Sour Apple is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, providing a calming effect that helps to ease the mind.
  • Pain Management: Its analgesic properties can alleviate chronic pain, making it a go-to choice for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis or migraines.
  • Mood Enhancement: The uplifting effects can combat depression and mood swings, promoting a positive and happy mindset.
  • Focus and Clarity: Ideal for daytime use, this strain can enhance focus and clarity, making it easier to tackle daily tasks and projects.

Terpene Profile

Sour Apple boasts a rich and complex terpene profile that contributes to its unique flavor and aroma. The dominant terpenes include:

  • Limonene: Provides a citrusy aroma with mood-enhancing and stress-relieving properties.
  • Myrcene: Contributes to the earthy and musky scent, known for its sedative and relaxing effects.
  • Caryophyllene: Adds a spicy, peppery note and is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits.

Flavor and Aroma

True to its name, Sour Apple features a distinct tart apple flavor with undertones of citrus and earthiness. On the inhale, users will enjoy a sharp, sour taste, followed by a sweet and fruity exhale. The aromatic profile mirrors the flavor, with a pungent apple scent mixed with hints of lemon and spice, creating an enticing and refreshing experience.

Sour Apple is a powerhouse strain that offers a unique blend of high potency, therapeutic benefits, and a delightful terpene profile. Perfect for those looking to enhance their mood, creativity, and overall sense of well-being, this sativa-hybrid is a standout choice in the world of cannabis. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress and pain or simply want to enjoy a flavorful and exhilarating high, Sour Apple is sure to impress.

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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7 reviews for Platinum Reserve: Sour Apple (37% THC)

  1. marcus


  2. Gary Rostt

    very strong and smells great!

  3. Willy J.

    nice buds

  4. Kimberley Frendumen

    WOAH amazing sativa thanks flybuds!!!!

  5. Jen R.

    love this sativa dominant strain!!! nice vibes!!! I’ll be back for more!!!

  6. Smalls

    I could smell this jar for days. put me in a good mood before i even smoked it. very fresh and potent

  7. Celine F.

    love the aroma!!! very fresh and tasty!!!

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