Platinum Reserve: Candy Gas (37% THC)


Highest Potency
(8 customer reviews)

Introducing Candy Gas, a mesmerizing cannabis strain that ignites the senses and captivates the soul. With a THC potency soaring up to 37%, this Hybrid marvel delivers an experience that’s ass potent as it is enchanting.

Embark on a journey of wellness and relaxation with Candy Gas’s balanced hybrid effects. Seamlessly blending the best of both worlds, this strain offers a harmonious fusion of euphoria and tranquility. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, or insomnia, Candy Gas provides a gentle yet profound sense of relief that soothes both body and mind.

But Candy Gas isn’t just about medicinal benefits—it’s also a delight for the senses. Dive into its tantalizing terpene profile, which combines the sweet, candy-like aroma with subtle hints of fuel. Each inhale is a sensory experience, transporting you to a world of pure bliss and relaxation.

Perfect for any occasion, Candy Gas offers a versatile experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or simply seeking a moment of reprieve, this strain is your ticket to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Indulge in the magic of Candy Gas and discover why it’s become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Elevate your experience and treat yourself to the sweet sensation of pure bliss.

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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8 reviews for Platinum Reserve: Candy Gas (37% THC)

  1. Dank boyz

    super gasssy

  2. Dontay

    big dense nugs. fire buds

  3. Victoria F.

    I love a gassy bud! my favorite terps by far! Very sticky and dense nugs

  4. Termain W.

    Big ol fire nugs

  5. Nira Talmez

    love me some giant nugs!!! keepm coming!!!

  6. Mason Frankford

    POWERFUL HYBRID BEWARE lol had me pretty dam high

  7. Jared

    50/50 hybrid are the best strains imo. best of both worlds. killer high

  8. Matthew ryback

    This strain really helped me out with back and neck pain. Super potent and gassy! Beautiful nugs and aroma! I don’t even bother with shops anymore. Flybuds always has the best quality around 💯

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