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Hurricane Pre Rolls – a whirlwind of cannabis sophistication where 1.3 grams of premium flower meets the magic of cannabis oil, all elegantly dusted in kief. Crafted with precision, each Hurricane Pre Roll is a powerful fusion of high potency, a hybrid strain’s potential medicinal benefits, and a unique flavor journey that transcends the ordinary. Brace yourself for an experience that sweeps you off your feet with unique flavor options!

1.3 Grams of Flower, Cannabis Oil, and Kief Magic: Hurricane Pre Rolls redefine the art of pre-roll perfection with a harmonious blend of 1.3 grams of premium flower, cannabis oil, and a kief dusting. This meticulous combination ensures a robust and controlled dosage, providing an elevated experience that captures the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

High Potency – A Hurricane of Intensity: Get ready for a hurricane of intensity with high potency that sets the standard for pre-rolls. The infusion of cannabis oil elevates the THC content, creating an intense and satisfying encounter for seasoned enthusiasts and those seeking a powerful dose of cannabis excellence.

Hybrid Medicinal Benefits/Effects: Beyond its recreational appeal, Hurricane Pre Rolls acknowledge the hybrid strain’s potential medicinal benefits. The balanced array of effects, combining indica and sativa properties, may offer relief from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Experience the therapeutic embrace that Hurricane delivers, enhancing your overall well-being with each inhalation.

Unique Flavor Options – A Carnival for Your Taste Buds: Hurricane Pre Rolls are a carnival for your taste buds, offering a unique and delightful array of flavor options. From the creamy bliss of Soft Serve Ice Cream to the savory indulgence of Boardwalk Fries, the sweetness of Salt Water Taffy, the caramel-infused delight of Caramel Corn, to the refreshing zing of Pink Lemonade, each option promises a nuanced and enjoyable pre-roll experience for true connoisseurs.

Indulge in the Hurricane Experience: Embark on a journey into the world of cannabis sophistication with Hurricane Pre Rolls – where potency meets flavor, and each pre-roll is a celebration of the plant’s diverse and rich offerings. Whether for recreational enjoyment or therapeutic relief, our pre-rolls invite you to savor the perfect combination of taste and potency, making each moment a refined celebration of cannabis excellence.

Elevate your pre-roll experience with Hurricane – a pre-roll that encapsulates the very essence of sophistication. Immerse yourself in the robust potency, unique flavor options, and potential medicinal benefits that Hurricane brings to the forefront. Welcome to the pinnacle of cannabis-infused pre-roll perfection.

Blend Effects

Cruise – Hybrid

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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4 reviews for Hurricane Rolls

  1. James F.

    watta deal

  2. Rod Alexander

    good price

  3. Sarah

    never seen these flavors before but they don’t taste bad and they hit good. The price is also nice

  4. Felix


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