The most popular reason to start microdosing is because it offers all the health benefits of consuming regular doses of cannabis — except the extreme high.

Just because you won’t feel super ‘stoned’ doesn’t mean you won’t feel a little high now and then. Yet, the main purpose of microdosing is to relieve stress, lessen aches and pains and improve your mood. It can reduce anxiety without the ‘hazy’ feeling that many prescriptions drugs tote.

Note: Microdosing isn’t an alternative to prescription medicine. Always talk to your doctor before going off any medications (or starting a microdosing regimen for that matter).


Microdosing Downsides

The most common downside to microdosing is that it takes a while to get the right dosage. Many microdosers feel discouraged when they don’t feel the effects right away — or conversely, they accidentally overdose themselves and feel the THC too much.

Luckily, the trial-and-error period is worth the effort, and there are plenty of tips to get you microdosing without any hiccups.


Microdosing Tips

To reap the benefits of microdosing, we’ve included a few tips on what to expect before firing up the old vape pen or making yourself a cup of tea.


Start Small

Because that’s the point, after all. The first few times you microdose, you might not feel anything at all. If you’re feeling the THC, you might be consuming too much.

You want to consume enough cannabis to feel good but not high. If you’re a heavy cannabis user, you might need to start with a little higher dose than say, someone who has never used before. If you’re using a vape pen, just start with one puff. If you’re eating a gummy, start with 1/8 of a piece. When drinking tea, start with a small amount of cannabis and let it steep for only a minute or so; take a small sip, wait and see what happens.

You can always consume more if you’re not feeling the effects. But when you feel too high, it’s harder to feel less high.


Don’t Get Your Expectations Too High

Yes, pun intended. You don’t want to assume your whole life is going to change right away. Your anxiety might not disappear completely. Your chronic pain might still be hanging around. You might still despise your boss and all that he stands for.

The important thing to remember is that microdosing totes compound benefits, meaning it might take a while before you really start to feel the full effect of your mini canna-sessions.


Keep Experimenting

The most important thing to remember is not to get discouraged. Microdosing is all trial and error. If you don’t get it right immediately, don’t worry! Keep playing with your dosage and your modes of consumption. If you can’t get the dosage right with vaping, you can always try another form of marijuana, like edibles, tea or topicals.


Don’t Microdose and Drive

Or, use heavy machinery. Or, go into a job interview. You get the idea.

Don’t microdose before any major event that might be affected by accidentally overdosing yourself. You don’t want to feel stoned for your little brother’s bar mitzvah.