5 Tips For Making Cannabis a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

The psychoactive effects of cannabis can be wonderful. Sometimes even the most mundane activities are improved after consuming marijuana – movies are better, social activities more fun, dreary household chores suddenly become tolerable. And when it comes to romance… let’s just say that marijuana can offer a fantastic boost!

Can cannabis and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand? They sure can!

Marijuana use is becoming progressively acceptable – not only is it used to manage a broad spectrum of medical conditions, its recreational consumption doesn’t inspire anywhere near the same level of outrage it did only a few decades ago. Nevertheless, there is still a stigma surrounding cannabis use, and stereotypes of the typical user are still disturbingly common. But as many productive and successful cannabis users know, the caricature of the slothful, un-motivated, junk food-loving pot-smoker is just that – a caricature.

Fortunately, the image of the standard cannabis user is changing rapidly. Its many medical and wellness benefits are becoming clear to a diverse segment of the population, and people from every socioeconomic background, culture, profession, and ethnicity are increasingly embracing its lifestyle advantages. But even the healthiest nutrients and activities can cause problems if overused or used incorrectly. (The body needs hydration, for example, but drinking too much water can cause organ failure and even death.) Like every tool that can facilitate health and wellness, cannabis must be used responsibly in order to reap the maximum number of benefits. Here’s how you can integrate marijuana into your healthy lifestyle effectively.

1. Consume marijuana and cannabis products responsibly.

It is important to know your tolerance – every individual has a unique reaction to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana). Whether you smoke, vape, or consume marijuana edibles, it is critical that your use doesn’t compromise your ability to perform your daily activities. Never use psychoactive cannabis products immediately before operating a vehicle, using potentially dangerous machinery, or performing activities where anyone’s physical safety relies upon your focus and physical dexterity.

2. Exercise regularly.

If you are going to enjoy cannabis products, it is critically important to exercise regularly and vigorously. (It’s critically important even if you don’t use cannabis!) If you work out avidly, cannabis may offer you numerous benefits. Cannabis can help reduce chronic pain, and may help to alleviate pain from sore joints and muscles, and central nervous system fatigue. If you participate in sports or engage in vigorous athletic activity, cannabis use may even help to improve your athletic performance!

3. Fill your fridge with healthy foods.

While there are several studies that have found that regular cannabis users have lower rates of obesity than non-users, the munchies are very real. If you’re not used to using THC products, you could find yourself snacking on unhealthy foods that leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. If you consume marijuana and feel the need to raid the pantry, make sure you have lots of healthy options that won’t compromise your health or expand your waistline!

4. Drink less alcohol.

Although the intoxicating affects of alcohol consumption gives users short-term anxiety relief and other mood-enhancing sensations, both the short- and long-term negative health consequences of alcohol use can be severe. Cannabis can help relieve stress and boost mood, without the loss of physical and mental control, potential alcohol toxicity, hangover, nausea, and other debilitating side effects.

5. Keep sleep patterns healthy.

If you are new to cannabis, you may not be fully aware of your physiological response to different strains. THC consumption can cause drowsiness to different extents (depending upon the marijuana strain and response of the user), so if you’re unused to the psychoactive effects, it would be prudent to limit your use to a few hours before bedtime, so that your sleep schedule isn’t compromised.

Managing your cannabis-enhanced cannabis lifestyle isn’t much different from managing any healthy lifestyle. If you practice moderation while following the above tips you, can enjoy using cannabis while leading a full and happy life!


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