To those new to the world of weed, cannabis concentrates may come across as unfamiliar territory. In essence, cannabis concentrates are extracts of the marijuana plant that contain high levels of cannabinoids, particularly THC. Because of the high THC content, cannabis concentrates are considered to be highly potent, with some concentrates having THC levels of up to 90 percent. Concentrates also typically contain a lot of cannabis’ medicinal properties, which is why these products have been gaining traction in the progressive healthcare industry.

That said, some people may feel intimidated by concentrates because of their intensity. Usually, a dosage the size of a pinhead or a grain of rice would suffice to achieve your desired results. On top of that, cannabis concentrates often require you to take them along with other extras, which may overwhelm first-timers.

Needless to say, concentrates pack one hell of a punch. But how do you use them to achieve the best results? This article will give you some tips and tricks to help you use concentrates safely without sacrificing their efficacy.

Know Your Product of Choice

Most dispensaries offer concentrates in a wide array of forms to suit various experience levels and methods of consumption. If you’re considering adding concentrates to your cannabis delivery, you can ask your dispensary about the products that would suit you best. Some of the most common ones include:

Budder, Badder, and Batter

Budder, badder, and batter are all similarly potent concentrates, but they each have slight differences in texture. Because of their malleability and smooth consistency, these three are often used as a spread for joints and blunts.


Also known as terp sauce or diamonds, sauce is a syrup-like extract that may contain crystallized cannabinoids like THCa.

Live Resin and Rosin

Live resins and rosins are sticky concentrates that have a consistency of somewhere between wax and sauce. These concentrates are harvested by freezing cannabis plants, making them high in terpene content. Live resins and rosins are ideal for vaping using a dab pen, or dabbing using an e-rig or dab rig.

Sugar and Crumble

Crumble is a concentrate that resembles clumps of sugar, hence the name “crumble”. A more brittle and powdery version of badder and budder, crumble is considered to be the driest concentrate, which is ideal for sprinkling on a rolled joint. They can also be vaporized via dab or rig setups. Sugar, which is similar to crumble, has a slightly wet consistency and is best used with vaporizers.


Hash is a sticky substance extracted by pressing the resin glands or trichomes of a cannabis plant. Hash can also come in the form of bubble hash, which looks similar to brown sugar. Both hash and bubble hash can be vaped or smoked using dab rigs.

Start with Familiarity and Low Doses

Because there are many types of cannabis concentrates, there are also many ways of using them that may suit different scenarios and even experience levels. If you’re still starting on cannabis concentrates, you may want to start with small quantities and strains you’re already familiar with. Once you gain your footing, you can add more amounts and explore other strains, provided that you check with your dispensary regarding your tolerance level.

Start with Simple Gear

The great thing about cannabis concentrates is that you can use them with equipment of varying levels of complexity. The most popular ways of using cannabis concentrates include:


If you want a light, on-the-go high, you can use a vape pen. If this is your method of choice, you need to buy cartridges pre-filled with cannabis concentrates that must be discarded once they run out. You can also use a dab pen by filling the chamber with your concentrate of choice and inhaling the vapor.

Wrapping Around a Joint

Wrapping wax around a joint is a great way to boost the potency of your smokeable. It’s also great for beginners since it doesn’t require too much equipment.

Topping a Joint Bowl

To give your joint bowl an extra kick, try adding a sprinkle of powdered concentrates. This is also a great way to induce some flavor into your weed.


Arguably the more complex method of using cannabis concentrates, dabbing requires setting up a dab rig, heating the nail (similar to the bong bowl), and directly applying the concentrate onto the hot surface. This turns the concentrate into an inhalable vapor. For first-timers, experts recommend live resin or rosin since they typically have lower potency levels.

Applying Topically

Some cannabis concentrates can also be applied topically to provide relief in targeted areas of your skin. Hash oil, for example, is believed to help relieve inflammation, nausea, and pain.

Mind Your Temperature

One of the trickiest parts of using cannabis concentrates is knowing the right temperature to maximize their benefits. Your concentrates must be well-heated to vaporize, but not so much that the terpenes burn off and lose flavor and efficacy. Generally, a temperature range of 545-570 degrees Fahrenheit (285-298 degrees Celsius) vaporizes your concentrate while keeping the flavor, essence, and potency intact.

Store Your Concentrates Properly

Ideally, your cannabis concentrates must be stored in a cool, dry, and dark area. This is because concentrates are highly sensitive to changes in temperature as well as exposure to oxygen or sunlight. Aside from placing them in the right areas, you also need to put your concentrates in the right containers. Budder, for example, must be kept in a glass jar to be scooped out easily. You can check with your dispensary on the best containers for specific types of concentrates.

Buy From a Legitimate, Reliable Dispensary

Generally speaking, buying your goods from shady characters and unlicensed dispensaries makes you more vulnerable to using products that are low-quality and have a high potential for delivering health risks. To ensure that your concentrates are high-quality and safe to use, make it a point to buy all your cannabis needs from legit dispensaries only. From vape juices to topicals, there are many ways to take advantage of cannabis in its most potent form. But as with any weed product, you need to have a clear idea of how to best approach cannabis concentrates. This means knowing how to use cannabis concentrates, the gear most suited for them, and the most reliable places for purchasing them.


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