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Highest Potency
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VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Some of the art displayed on this product’s packaging may be offensive.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Sticky’s 1 Gram Disposable Vape – a pinnacle of quality and sophistication. Crafted with precision and care, this high-end product seamlessly combines convenience, high potency, and affordability for a truly exceptional vaping experience.

Convenience Redefined: Sticky’s 1 Gram Disposable Vape is designed with your convenience in mind. Compact, sleek, and hassle-free, this disposable vape allows you to indulge in your favorite cannabis moments effortlessly. No need for complicated setups or maintenance – simply enjoy and dispose when finished.

High Potency, Exceptional Flavor: Experience the epitome of cannabis luxury with Sticky’s commitment to high potency. Each puff delivers a concentrated burst of cannabinoids, providing a powerful and consistent high. The flavor profile is equally impressive, showcasing the essence of the plant in a way that caters to the discerning palate of cannabis connoisseurs.

Affordable Elegance: Quality shouldn’t come at a premium, and Sticky believes in making exceptional experiences accessible to all. Despite the high-end nature of our product, we ensure affordability without compromise. Elevate your cannabis journey without breaking the bank – Sticky’s 1 Gram Disposable Vape offers a luxurious experience at a reasonable cost.

Indulge in Excellence: Immerse yourself in the luxury of Sticky’s 1 Gram Disposable Vape, where every inhale is a journey into sophistication. Convenient, high-potency, and affordable, this product redefines the standards for quality in the world of cannabis consumption. Elevate your moments with Sticky and savor the richness of a truly refined vaping experience.

Discover the epitome of cannabis quality with Sticky’s 1 Gram Disposable Vape. Embrace the convenience, relish in the high potency, and enjoy the affordability that sets this product apart. Elevate your vaping experience – choose Sticky for a taste of true cannabis sophistication.

Blend Effects

Chill – Indica, Cruise – Hybrid, Hype – Sativa

Good For:

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep,

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5 reviews for Sticky Disposable Vape

  1. russ

    package is super fancy, art is cool, qr works, funny descriptions, hits hard

  2. Trish Yoo


  3. matt archer

    i was stuck on the sauce bar for a minute glad to see a new disposable. its a little more expensive but you can feel that 90% for sure. plus the QR shows you all the tests which is nice. descriptions are funny lol

  4. joey

    cool box clean vape

  5. Gabe

    burned clean all the way through and i didn’t even need to charge it

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