Now that cannabis has been legalized in La La Land, more and more celebrities are owning up to their weed-smoking ways. These pro-weed celebrities are not only fans of the drug — some of them are even starting to invest in it.

Willy Nelson

The number one cannabis advocate is probably Willy Nelson. He has famously smoked plenty of cannabis for years.

He owns his own cannabis line called Willie’s Reserve. His motto? “My stash is your stash.”

He’s even credited marijuana with saving his life. He’s also been a huge advocate for the industry for many years. He’s been aware of the economic and health benefits long before the government and medical marijuana industry.

Chelsea Handler

When it comes to being vocal about cannabis, no one is louder than Chelsea Handler. The talk show queen has often made it her business (both professionally and personally) to be an advocate for marijuana.

In her recent book, “Life Will Be the Death of Me (and you too),” Handler credited cannabis for helping her drink less alcohol. Handler recently invested in the cannabis industry when she partnered with NorCal Cannabis and launched her own line.

Snoop Dog

Not only has Snoop Dog been an advocate for marijuana for decades, but he’s also featured the drug in many of his music videos.

He has also appeared in many stoner movies, including “Half Baked.” Snoop launched his own cannabis brand back in 2015, Merry Jane.

Cheech and Chong

Possibly the original weed advocates were Cheech and Chong. These two were the grandfathers of stoner movies. Their stoner cult classic, “Up in Smoke,” launched stoner culture into the mainstream.

Tommy Chong was even jailed for several months for selling cannabis paraphernalia. He now sells it legally under the brand name Chong’s Choice.

Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan is a part of a new wave of stoner movie supporters. He starred in the 2008 stoner movie “Pineapple Express.” Rogan also co-wrote the film.

He also launched a cannabis company in March of 2019 called Houseplant.

Matthew McConaughey

This star of movies and TV may or may not smoke cannabis these days. What we do know is that he once credited his famous catchline, “Alright, alright, alright,” to being stoned.

He was also in the famous stoner movie, “Dazed and Confused.”

Kristen Bell

We wouldn’t call Kristen Bell a ‘weed advocate’ per se, but this comedy queen has been known to relax with her vape pen at the end of a long day.

Barack Obama

We can’t really confirm nor deny if Obama smokes cannabis. But what we do know is that he did smoke it during college. While making fun of President Bill Clinton, Obama once stated, “Of course I inhaled, that was the point.” (You might remember when Clinton famously testified that he smoked pot in his youth — but he didn’t inhale.)


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