Cannabis flowers can be consumed in different ways. One of the most popular methods is in a form of a joint. It’s an easy and refreshing way of appreciating the flavor of the flowers from your hemp delivery.

Many in the cannabis community believe that everyone who uses cannabis should know how to roll a great joint. Unfortunately, not all users consider themselves to be very skilled at it. First-time users may find the task challenging or may not know how to begin the process. If you haven’t tried your hand at it before, don’t worry. Read on for some tips and tricks as well as basic steps to help you roll your first joint properly:

Understand the Properties of a Great Joint

Although your first joint doesn’t have to be perfect, it should have the essential qualities that will let you enjoy it fully and safely. For example, the joint must have a filter to prevent you from inhaling any flower chunks while smoking. The filter will also protect your lungs from the compounds of the lit cannabis flower and keep you from having coughing fits each time you inhale it.

Additionally, a great joint is rolled and sealed tightly so it won’t break open and spill the cannabis flower all over the place. This ensures you won’t waste the flower and will keep your joint from becoming a fire hazard if the contents are released while lit. Lastly, a fine joint is packed densely and evenly to achieve a consistent burn and flower concentration each time you inhale it.

Determine the Amount of Weed to Use in the Joint

Before rolling your joint, you’ll need to determine the amount of cannabis flower to use. If you’re a first-time user, start with half a gram of weed. It’s a small but sufficient amount that will allow you to enjoy the flower’s effects while making the rolling process a bit more manageable. Once you’ve become more experienced, you can try rolling full-gram joints.

Know Which Rolling Paper to Use

Another important element of any good joint is the rolling paper you use. Rolling papers vary in size and come in different materials, both of which can affect your rolling technique and the burn of the joint once lit. For your first joint, the standard 1 ¼ size is a great choice. Beginners find this size relatively easier to roll than others while being big enough to allow you to include a filter in it. This size is also recommended when rolling half-gram joints.

Rolling Paper Material

When it comes to rolling paper material, consider getting wood pulp paper. This material offers a medium to fast burn rate and is usually mixed with other fibers to give them a texture that’s easy to handle. Also, wood pulp rolling papers hold their shape well, even if exposed to a little humidity due to sweaty hands.

Grind the Cannabis Flower

The first step to rolling your joint is to grind the cannabis flower. Doing so makes filling and rolling the joint easier. It also ensures you pack the joint evenly for a consistent and even burn on all sides once you smoke it.

It’s best to grind the flower into bits as big as grains of rice. You should have no issue doing this if you’re using quality cannabis flowers that have been dried properly, as these crumble and break down easily. If you don’t have a grinder, you can do this step using scissors instead.

Place the Filter and Weed on the Rolling Paper

Next, place a filter on one end of the rolling paper. To keep the filter in place, try to wet it or the paper slightly. While using one hand to hold the rolling paper with the filter, use your other hand to carefully fill the paper with the ground cannabis flower. Start sprinkling the weed from the center of the paper and make sure not to overfill it.

Roll and Seal the Joint

Once you’ve loaded the paper with ground cannabis, start rolling it. Pinch the edge of the paper between your fingertips and tuck one corner closed. Then, follow the seam and tuck the rest of the paper to get an even tube. Then, moisten the glue of the paper with your saliva before sealing it. Do this by folding the sticky end tightly around the joint.

Pack the Tip

After rolling and sealing your joint, make sure the ground cannabis is packed well inside the paper. This will help the joint burn evenly.

You can use a long, thin item like a pen or pencil to push the cannabis into the joint. Once you’re done, seal the open end by twisting the paper so that the weed doesn’t fall out. Moisten the open end a bit to help it keep its shape. That’s everything you need to know about what goes into making your own joint. It may seem a little tricky to do at first, but it’ll become second nature before you know it. With the right materials and practice, pretty soon, you’ll get the hang of rolling an excellent joint.


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