Delta 8 Bites (150MG CBD/THC)

Delta 8 Bites (150MG CBD/THC)


Low Potency
Delta 8 Bites 150mg

Blueberry, Acai Berry, Pineapple

Blend Effects

Heal – CBD

Anxiety, Stress, Sleep


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Delta 8 is a compound derived from CBD-rich Hemp Plants! Technically, Delta 8 is a THC compound and does provide some mild psychoactive effects. If pure CBD is no longer doing the job, this is definitely the next step. Perfect for sleep and deep relaxation. Now available in these bite sized gummies! 150mg of total Delta 8 THC per pack. 6 gummies per pack at 25mg each.

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2 reviews for Delta 8 Bites (150MG CBD/THC)

  1. aaron

    super relaxing for sure

  2. Maria Guerrero

    My grandmother has very bad arthritis and refused to try weed. I bought her these gummies and she loves them!

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