Cannabis Recipes for the Holidays

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Traditional holiday foods are aromatic and packed with flavor, making them excellent dishes to infuse with cannabis. If you’re looking to celebrate the high holidays this year but aren’t sure what to bring to the table, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of easy-to-make, succulent dishes that will spice up your celebrations.

How to make cannabutter

A majority of cannabis recipes for the holidays make use of cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, to pack THC into the food.

Here’s how you can make your own cannabutter:

  1. Decarb the marijuana by baking it at 220 degrees for 20 minutes or until it turns brownish in color.
  2. Grind up the marijuana after it cools. Make sure the pieces are large enough where they won’t slip through a strainer.
  3. Cook a stick of butter in a saucepan on low heat.
  4. Add the decarbed marijuana when the butter liquifies. Cook for another 45 minutes.
  5. Let the mixture cool and pour it through a strainer to remove extra pieces of marijuana.

We recommend you use one cup of butter for every quarter ounce of cannabis.

There are also a variety of cannabutter alternatives if you prefer additional options when creating your cannabis recipe for holiday feasts. Understanding the process of creating a THC-infused agent can serve as inspiration when creating your own cannabutter alternative.

Cannabis Recipes for the Holidays


What’s a holiday dinner without a turkey?

This easy to make THC marinade promises a tasty turkey in just a few simple steps. While this recipe uses a grill to cook the meat, you can also bake your marinated turkey for a more traditional take.

Have a turkey recipe that you can’t live without? Substitute cannabutter or cannaoil into the recipe or add them to your favorite turkey marinade.

Another popular alternative is cannabis-infused gravy, which makes getting high totally optional for your guests.


Baked, mashed or in a casserole, no holiday feast is complete without a potato dish.

Creamy cannabis mashed potatoes are sure to be hit at any holiday dinner. If you prefer a vegan option, substitute dairy products — including cannabutter! — with plant-based alternatives.

Want a little more crunch? Crispy herb-roasted potatoes are a perfect side dish that will keep your guests coming back for more. Thyme or rosemary are traditional holiday spices that can be added to boost the flavor.


You can never have too many greens. Some of our favorite cannarecipes for the holidays include:

Mini green bean casseroles can be used to give each of your guests their own individual dose of cannabis — great for crowds with varying levels of tolerances.

Sauteed brussels sprouts are a light vegetable side dish that can pack an extra punch by adding THC bacon.


Apple, pumpkin or pecan, one of the most popular desserts for the holidays is pie. A THC-infused pie crust is one of the most versatile cannabis recipes for the holidays that can be used to turn any pie into an edible treat. Looking for more cannabis recipes for the holidays? Try cannabis teas or premade edibles to sneak some extra marijuana into your feast.

How to Stop Being High

smoking a joint

Getting too high, it happens to the best of us. When large amounts of THC enter the body too quickly, it causes the feeling of being “too high.” While nobody has ever died from being too high, it can be an unpleasant experience. Read on to learn tips on how to stop being high.

Tips for Dulling Your High

Although sleeping may lower your metabolism, it’s an effective way to pass the time and avoid any unpleasant feelings that come with being too high. Next time you want to stop being high, try taking a nap.

If you’re feeling too high but have a lot of energy, try a light cardio routine. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, which your body will process out the excess THC must faster. Highly coordinated exercise can also help distract you from feeling too high.

Drinking water is another natural way to boost your metabolism and alleviate discomfort while high. Keep a glass of water handy the next time you plan to smoke.

Products to Stop Being High

Take CBD. Although CBD and THC are two parts of the smoking experience, they both have very different reactions in the body. CBD’s anti-anxiety properties make it a popular method to fight feelings of being too high. Try eating CBD gummies or rubbing CBD oil on your temples, neck or wrists.

Consuming a small amount of black pepper can also help when you’re feeling too high. Black pepper contains alpha-pinene, a terpene that essentially lowers the THC saturation levels in your body.

Calming Techniques When You’re Too High

Mind over matter is a great mantra to follow when you’re feeling too high. There are plenty of techniques that focus your energy on positive ways to combat cannabis-induced anxiety.

Try to control your breathing into a steady, rhythmic flow. Controlled breathing helps to fight against anxiety when too high. If you’re feeling paranoid and have trouble focusing on your breathing, there are many assistive apps that aid in steady breathing techniques.

Gentle yoga flows or meditative poses are often recommended when you’re feeling too high. Pairing both techniques with calming music will help clear your mind and push out any anxious thoughts.

How to Distract Yourself When You Feel Too High

As far as distractions go, food is a classic way to help keep your mind off the feeling of being high. Pick up some of your favorite snacks beforehand and chow down when you start feeling uncomfortable. Crunchy foods can be extra distracting!

Music, upbeat television, or other forms of entertainment are effective ways to put you in the right mindset and distract yourself from the feeling of being too high. Video games, in particular, are especially powerful distraction tools due to their immersive nature. Music, television, or other forms of entertainment are a great way to distract yourself from being too high or can put you in the right mindset. Video games, in particular, are excellent at stopping you from being too high because they’re immersive and interactive.

Cannabis Gift Giving Guide

Cannabis gift

With the holiday season right around the corner, finding the perfect cannabis gift can be a stressful ordeal. The world of cannabis gifts is enormous and it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole when looking for the right gift. That’s where we come in. Kick back, relax, and get inspired by this cannabis gift guide.

Cannabis Products

Cannabis gift-giving doesn’t mean you’re locked into finding the perfect strain of marijuana. There are plenty of cannabis products that offer an alternative way to get high.

Edibles are a fun gift that you can get creative with. Try combining sweet and savory edibles to create a holiday gift basket. Head to a local dispensary to pick out some tasty treats, or whip up some cannabutter at home and create your own. The only limit here is your imagination.

Cannabis tinctures are made by dissolving marijuana in alcohol and are often consumed as an alternative to edibles. They offer a quick and portable way to get high, making them a great gift for smokers on-the-go.

Cannabis Accessories

One of our favorite cannabis gifts is an accessory box from The Daily High Club. Boxes rotate on a monthly basis and contain a bundle of premium curated smoking accessories.

Some people don’t like change. Rather than gifting them a new way to smoke, an upgrade to their favorite way to consume marijuana makes for a thoughtful cannabis gift. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • A rolling kit
  • Bong bowls
  • A desktop vape
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A secure cannabis storage
  • A marijuana growing kit

Novelty smoking accessories make a great gift option, too. You might not be inclined to purchase an octopus-shaped bowl, but it sure would make a memorable gift.

Gifting a Cannabis Experience

Depending on your state’s marijuana laws, you may want to consider planning a cannabis experience rather than giving a traditional cannabis gift. Cannabis massages, puff and paint sessions and brewery tours are fun, unique ways to embrace marijuana.

If there are no public marijuana experiences nearby, consider creating one yourself! A DIY marijuana cooking class is an inexpensive gift that can be personalized to include your recipient’s favorite meals.

Budget permitting, traveling to a cannabis-friendly state to embark on a mini marijuana vacation. Paying a visit to a cannabis destination hotspot will reward you with local culture and unique products that can’t be found in an online shop.

Wrapping Up the Cannabis Gift Giving Guide

Paying attention to small details can go a long way when picking out your cannabis gift. You may want to consider looking into the different strains of marijuana and choosing one that best suits your recipient.

Finally, you should understand what kind of smoker you’re finding a gift for.

  • How often do they consume marijuana?
  • Are they a social smoker or do they prefer to smoke alone?
  • Is marijuana part of their daily routine?

Luckily almost all cannabis gifts have a practical use, so it’s hard to go wrong when making a decision. We hope this cannabis gift guide inspired you to find the perfect gifts this holiday season.