Different Strains of Weed

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Marijuana is a highly versatile drug with thousands of different strains. These strains are classified by their THC-to-CBD ratio and can produce a wide variety of effects when consumed. Medical or recreational, home-grown or dispensary-bought, we’ll cover the differences between marijuana’s many strains.

Strains of Weed and Their Differences

Indica strains are more relaxing and have a calming effect when consumed. Marijuana beginners or those who frequently experience paranoia when smoking should stick with indica strains.

Sativa strains are energizing and are more often associated with a head high. If you’re looking for a high without the drowsy aftereffect, sativa is the way to go.

Hybrid strains can contain the effects of both indica and sativa strains. The TCD-to-CBD ratio can vary greatly in hybrids, producing different results when consumed.

How to Choose Between Different Strains Of Weed

There are a few factors to consider before deciding which strain of weed to choose. New to smoking? Look for a sativa strain. Experienced smokers might want to regularly switch to a different strain of weed to prevent a tolerance increase.

A good place to start when choosing between different strains of weed is to determine what you’re looking to get out of an experience. Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance a social outing or are looking for a more natural alternative to treating a headache, researching the different strains of weed can help narrow down your search.

Effects of Different Strain of Weed

Different marijuana strains can produce a variety of positive effects when consumed. Certain strains are targeted for medical purposes, such as pain relief for ailments like headaches, PMS cramps, arthritis and more.

Anti-anxiety strains are both very common and calming. These strains tend to be less psychoactive and relax the body. Anxiety-fighting strains of weed are also used to help people who have trouble getting a full night of sleep.

Smoking marijuana doesn’t have result in sleepy aftermath! Many different strains of weed can be consumed to improve your energy and metabolism throughout the day. Strains that produce a clear-headed high are often used to boost creativity.

Examples of Different Strains of Weed

There are thousands of different strains of weed to explore between the indica, sativa and hybrid groups. Each strain has its own distinct properties as noted above.

We’ll break down a few popular strains from all groups.

High THC Strains

Ghost Train Haze

A heavy-hitting sativa strain commonly used to treat pain.


An award-winning hybrid that invokes a euphoric high.

Original Glue

A strong hybrid that relaxes the body with a potent high.

High CBD Strains


A popular anxiety-fighting sativa strain.

Sweet and Sour Widow

An indica strain that produces a mild high and is great for beginners.


A highly relaxing indica used to treat a wide variety of medical ailments. We’re only scratching the surface. Head to your local dispensary to learn which strain of weed is best for you.

Best Cannabis Accessories

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The accessibility and selection of cannabis accessories have grown over the past decade. In addition to old-school bongs and pipes, you can now pick up high-end accessories in stores ranging from gift shops to Amazon. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or a cannabis expert, there are plenty of options to choose from, each providing a unique smoking experience.

Tips on Finding the Best Cannabis Accessories

Dispensaries, head shops, smoke shops, online stores and even craft fairs sell a variety of cannabis accessories.

When choosing a cannabis accessory, consider the following factors:

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Strength
  • Portability

We recommend heading to a dispensary when choosing your next cannabis accessory to ensure you find one that best suits your smoking needs. Researching cannabis accessories online can be helpful too.

1.   Pipes/Bowls

Pipes and bowls are small, handheld cannabis accessories that are great for newbies. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from glass, metal or even wood. Bowls and pipes may require a filter to catch excess marijuana.

If you’re looking for variety, consider a pipe or a bowl. One-hitters are very strong pipes well-suited toward smokers on-the-go. Artisanal pipes are expensive cannabis accessories but burn marijuana most efficiently. It’s not uncommon for pipes and bowls to have creative designs, like your favorite cartoon character.

2.   Bongs

Bongs are glass water-based cannabis accessories that can range from a few inches to several feet tall. A larger bong chamber means a stronger high but a harder pull. Because bong hits are so hard, the high can come as quickly as one or two hits.

While bongs are most commonly used with dry herbs, they also can be used to smoke marijuana concentrates. Bong accessories, like quartz bangers, can be used to smoke concentrates.

3.   Rolling Papers/Blunts

Rolling papers, or joint papers, are a flexible cannabis accessory. They can be made of hemp, rice, thin wood or other materials, all of which have a different taste and burn rate.

A well-rolled joint is key but requires a bit of practice. Yet it’s well worth taking the time to build up your rolling skills. Poorly rolled joints burn inefficiently and waste marijuana. A skilled roller can create a joint of any length or width to best fit their smoking needs.

4.   Vape Pens

Vape pens are discrete and do not produce a marijuana smell associated with the cannabis accessories listed above.

Also called electronic cigarettes, they must be charged and are refilled with cannabis cartridges or pods. An LCD screen allows you to control the temperature which your cannabis burns at. Vape pens can also be used for dabbing.

5.   Bubblers

Bubblers are a cannabis accessory often compared to bongs — they’re typically made of glass and contain a bowl, a water pipe and a stem. There are several types of glass to choose from, each giving the bubbler a different smoking experience. The main difference between the two is that bubblers are small, handheld cannabis accessories, making them weaker than bongs. Although not as strong, bubblers are a much more portable cannabis accessory.

CBD and Pets

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As medical marijuana use rapidly grows, consumers are finding an increasing number of CBD products hit the shelves. CBD is a nonpsychoactive compound extracted from cannabis that won’t cause the user to get high. More and more pet owners are turning to CBD products as a natural cure for their pets’ ailments.

Why Use CBD on Pets?

CBD products offer many health benefits for pets ranging from medicinal treatments to everyday wellness. Because CBD does not contain THC, pets can benefit from their therapeutic side effects without experiencing a high that might cause distress.

There are a variety of ways to treat pets with CBD products, giving pet owners plenty of options depending on their pets’ needs. The negative side effects that can come with taking hard medication are nonexistent in CBD products, making them a popular choice among pet owners. Read on to learn the many benefits of CBD for your pets.

Pet Anxiety

Anxiety is common in pets, especially animals that are older or were adopted. CBD products are known to easy anxiety in pets without making furry friends sluggish. Common uses for CBD to treat pet anxiety include thunderstorms, fireworks displays, long travel and separation anxiety.

Treating Pain

CBD contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, and the list of ailments that it can be used to treat is steadily growing. Many pets suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis also suffer from additional health issues associated with impaired movement. CBD products are commonly used to treat those conditions, allowing pets to maintain an active lifestyle.

Cancer Treatments

Although CBD should not be used to treat cancer in pets, it can be used to ease negative symptoms. CBD can improve your pet’s appetite and suppress cancer-related seizures. Administering CBD products to pets may also slow the growth of cancer cells.

Types of CBD Products for Pets

The list of CBD products for pets is steadily growing as cannabis gains more popularity. Current pet-friendly CBD products come in a range of types, textures and flavors and can be found at dispensaries.

Pet owners can find the following CBD products specified for their pets:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Gummies
  • Tinctures (CBD extract)
  • Topical creams and oils

Edible CBD products tend to have more medicinal effects, while topical CBD products act more like a cannabis massage and are used to soothe pets.

CBD Studies Regarding Pets

CBD is still in its early stages, so research on CBD for pets is minimal. Cornell University leads the charge on researching how CBD impacts pets and recently published a study on the effects of CBD on pets. Cornell’s results showed that CBD saw high success rates when used as a pain reliever for dogs, shining a positive light on the industry.

Pet Safety Concerns

There currently are no FDA-approved CBD products for pets. For this reason, many veterinarians aren’t permitted to discuss CBD treatments, meaning you may not find options specialized for your pet’s needs. CBD may also interfere with any medications taken by your pets, which may or may not be eligible for veterinary consultation depending on your state of residence.

Marijuana Vacations

marijuana vacation

The explosive growth of the cannabis industry has led to a variety of cannabis-themed activities across the country. Marijuana vacations are educational, immersive experiences rooted in a city’s local cannabis culture fit for all smokers. We dive into top cannabis destinations so you can plan your next marijuana vacation.

1.   Los Angeles/Anaheim

What to Do

Los Angeles and Anaheim are top cannabis tourism destinations and are perfect for anyone seeking a full marijuana vacation. Local dispensaries offer a range of products from specialized marijuana blends to edibles. Other popular activities include cannabis-themed restaurants, cannabis massages and upscale marijuana tours.

Where to Stay

A bud and breakfast is the way to go when staying in Los Angeles or Anaheim. Not only do they guarantee marijuana-friendly lodging, but they also provide insights into the local cannabis community.

2.   Denver

What to Do

As one of the first states to legalize cannabis, Colorado offers many activities perfect for a marijuana vacation, like Puff and Paint, cannabis-infused art classes. Guided tours showcase the city’s local dispensaries, marijuana farms and glass blowing classes. Tours that combine craft cannabis with local brews are also popular.

Where to Stay

The Curtis Hotel offers an elevated take on a marijuana hotel — right in Downtown — while Nativ, the first hotel designed for smoking, is perfect for anyone on their first or their fiftieth marijuana vacation.

3.   San Francisco

What to Do

As another cannabis-friendly city, San Francisco offers a range of unique experiences including marijuana-themed yoga classes, drag parties and more. Puff Puff Pete’s marijuana cooking classes blend comedy with cannabis education and are a great fit for any San Francisco marijuana vacation.

Where to Stay

San Francisco never lost its magic from “the Summer of Love”; the city offers many 420-friendly hotels and Airbnbs. Hotel Kabuki’s local cannabis culture guides help it stand out to visitors on their first marijuana vacation.

4.   Las Vegas

What to Do

Cannabition Cannabis Museum is an immersive art museum that explores local marijuana culture and “instagrammable” cannabis experiences. Las Vegas is well-known for its food scene and the Cultivating Experience provides guests with 3-course cannabis-infused meals. Although Las Vegas’ casinos don’t permit marijuana smoking, visitors often take guided cannabis tours that hit the Vegas strip after visiting local marijuana hotspots.

Where to Stay

Because smoking marijuana publicly isn’t permitted in Nevada, Airbnb or Bud and Breakfast are your best options if you’re looking for a complete marijuana vacation. If you go with Airbnb, make sure your rental is listed as 420-friendly.

5.   Seattle

What to Do

Seattle is home to many marijuana-themed festivals, especially during the summer. If you’re planning a marijuana vacation to this city, see if your trip aligns with Hempfest, Bumbershoot, or others. The Kush Tour is an educational experience that covered the local industry from “seed-to-sale.”

Where to Stay

While many commercial hotels do not allow residents to smoke marijuana on-premise, Seattle is home to many marijuana-friendly lodgings. The Bacon Hotel, The Winston House and plenty of Airbnbs are great options for a complete marijuana vacation.

What Is Dabbing?

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There are plenty of ways to consume marijuana, but dabbing is by far the most efficient. Dabbing involves smoking a concentrated extract of THC using a rig setup. Dab concentrates are a waxy substance — cooled hash oil — refined to create a more efficient, powerful high compared to traditional smoking.

How to Use Dab Concentrates

Dabbing requires several tools including a blowtorch, a water pipe with a nail and a glass dome, a dabber and (of course) dab concentrates. All of the tools required for dabbing can be found at a dispensary.

The basic steps to smoking dab concentrate with a dab rig are:

  1. Heat the nail with a blowtorch until it turns red-hot.
  2. Place the dome over the heated nail.
  3. Apply dab concentrates on the nail with the dabber.
  4. Inhale and repeat as necessary.

Electronic rigs offer an alternative method to smoke dab concentrates. The process is similar to smoking a traditional rig but does not require the use of a blowtorch, making it a safer option for people dabbing at home.

Where to Buy Dab Concentrates

Dab concentrates can be purchased from a variety of locations including dispensaries, head shops and online stores. Dispensaries are recommended if you’re looking for a wide variety of dab concentrates of dabbing tools — like electronic nails —  fitted to your needs.

Other Names for Dab Concentrates

There are many different ways to make dab concentrates, which is why this product has several nicknames. The most common nicknames for dab concentrates are wax, shatter, honeycomb, sap and honey.

Upsides of Dabbing

Dabbing is cleaner than smoking from a bowl or bong. Dab concentrates tend to be purer than dry herbs, and the heating process is much more efficient when using a rig. In short: dabbing delivers more cannabinoids per hit while also leaving behind excess material.

The efficient smoking process combined with the potency of dab concentrates means users experience strong highs while only consuming small amounts of cannabis. Because of this, dabbing is also a very cost-effective way to consume marijuana.

Downsides of Dabbing

When dabbing in poorly ventilated areas, the resulting fumes could be flammable and cause an explosion. This is avoidable by dabbing in a properly ventilated location.

As with any smoke-based method of marijuana consumption, dabbing comes with health risks associated with inhaling impure substances or smoke.

Making Your Own Dab Concentrate

Ready to graduate from premade dab concentrates? Here’s how you can make your own for DIY dabbing. You’ll need marijuana, a low-heat tool like a flat iron, parchment paper and a dabber.

  1. Cover marijuana with parchment paper and press it with the hair straightener at low heat, no higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Heat the marijuana for 5 seconds.
  3. Collect the resin with a dabber.
  4. Repeat until no more resin can be extracted.

Creating your own dab concentrates gives you more control over the potency and purity of your wax. For a first-hand experience of creating your own wax, Vice has a guide on how to create your own dabs.